The Golden Path

The Golden Path (TGP) is our road map of how to make yourself &aware.

Once you become &aware, choices become easier.   Things become more clear.  Relationships become more important.  And ways in which you can find peace, joy, and success become more obvious.    Life is still an arduous journey filled with unexpected highs and lows, but when you’re gifted with &awareness, you have an added layer of security.

Our version of &awareness (signified by being prepended with an ampersand) involves learning to examine our world in a certain way.  Learning to identify patterns in human behavior, and understanding how these patterns manifest themselves as positive or negative forces in your life.   Once you are equipped with the insight, knowledge and tools to recognize these patterns, you become &aware.

To start your way on the Golden Path, we’ve prepared some core writings:

  • (Part 1) – The Continuum of Caring – What makes the Golden Rule something worth understanding?  Why are certain human characteristics important to gauge, and how does this help you and those around you?



As you read along the Golden Path, you should begin to understand what we mean.  Once you become &aware, the next step is to practice what you’ve learned, and fellowship with others who are &aware to share, learn and explore other ways to practice and preserve these ideals among the community.