What is the “Golden Rule?”

The Golden Rule is a very simple construct, that is present in one form or another in virtually every civilized culture and society.  It’s the basic ground rule that maintains the integrity and survival of humanity.

This web site explores the concept of the Golden Rule.  What it is.  What is implies.  And de-constructs the underlying concepts behind it.

What Might You Expect To Learn From This Web Site?

  • Why is the Golden Rule important?  And what does it mean in your life?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?   Are there ways to stop this?  (Yes)
  • What makes a person good, and what makes a person bad?  Can people change?
  • How can you improve the long term quality of your life, in very specific ways?
  • How to better understand the driving forces behind current events, and know what’s right from what’s wrong?

If you want to understand the dynamics behind suffering, joy, comfort and stress, and how you can position yourself where you want to be, this site can help.

If you are looking for meaning and purpose, the Golden Rule is a good place to start…

“What Is This All About?”

We find ourselves asking this question in many ways.

Is there an ultimate, “meaning of life?”

The truth is, nobody can answer this question with 100% confidence.  There is no standard by which such an answer would be acceptable to most people anyway.

But life most definitely has meaning.   And we all have purpose.   It’s up to you to find the best meaning and purpose in your life.

We can help by offering some insight and guidance.

We are a non-denominational, secular group that promotes certain philosophical ideals that are embraced by almost all major religions and ethical organizations.

What we do differently, is focus on the crystallization of certain fundamental concepts we believe lead people to get closest to the most personally rewarding and socially benevolent way of living.

We invite you to join us and find out more.

In exchange for a little of your time and consideration, you may find the missing component for which you’ve been searching.

What is the Golden Rule and Why is it Special?

Is there any “Secret?”   Is there any knowledge or insight that if known will dramatically improve the quality of your life and those around you?

Yes!  There is always a way to make things better.

But, it’s not really a secret.  It’s a core component in your life that’s always been there, that most of us take for granted.   The key to making things better is recognizing the value of…


Different people have different needs and priorities.  There is no policy that will make 100% of humanity happy, but the closest we may be able to get revolves around understanding and embracing the concept of Empathy.

“Empathy” is an amazingly powerful force.  It’s the reason you and I exist in the first place.  The forces around us decided we were worthy of life and protected us so we could develop.   We’ve also been granted the special ability to be in tune with each other.  The ability is called, “empathy.”  The act of being aware of and caring about others.

Empathy is a gift given to us, that we can share.  It’s an unlimited resource. that perpetuates itself as soon as it is used.  The practice of which can provide more for us in the most important ways.   This may sound like new-agey-mumbo-jumbo.   But there really is science behind this, and the more you read, the more we’ll prove this to you.

The “Golden Rule” is All About Empathy.

We’ve all heard of the “Golden Rule.”  It’s present in virtually every religion and philosophy and moral code.

And, what does it really mean? How does this, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” philosophy actually work? Is it just wishful thinking? It is really a practical way to live your life?  Or just a hollow platitude?

It seems like such an obvious concept, but why don’t more people follow it?  And why do some people believe they follow it, when they actually don’t?

Some people believe the Golden Rule basically means, “Be nice.  Be kind.”

But the GR is not about an action as much as it is about a philosophy.  A person can be kind to somebody for selfish reasons.    Because they want something.   That would not be empathetic behavior.  In fact, some of the most charming and charismatic people can be the least empathetic.   Understanding the nature of empathy will allow you to protect yourself from those who would hurt you, and help you find those who will take care of you.

Our goal with this web site is to teach people a new way to look at our world, culture and community.  A way that will make confusing interpersonal dynamics suddenly seem obvious.  A way that will help you make better life choices.   A way that will make you a better friend, spouse, partner, co-and worker, and human being.


Ready to Learn How To Make Your Life Better?

Want to know how to identify healthy people and how to avoid toxic people?

Read: The Golden Path – our guide to how understanding empathy and identifying how much people have will make your future brighter.

News And Commentary

Here are official statements from the COTGR on current events and social issues.

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