Are YOU the toxic person in your workplace?

Here’s an interesting article that’s going viral, about toxic people in the workplace and how to identify them: 3 Signs You’re the Toxic Person in Your Workplace (and What to Do About It)

The article makes three salient points:

1. You Make Everything About You
2. You Say and Do Passive-Aggressive Things
3. You’re Jealous of the Success of Others

As we know from our analysis of the dynamics of empathy, all of these characteristics are the result of a lack of empathy. The inability to focus on how other people feel, or how your behavior affects them, is what causes the appears of selfishness, passive aggressiveness and jealousy.

While the article directs people to address each of these misgivings in separate ways, they all stem from a common cause, and understanding this core element is the real key to improving oneself. You have to stop, and think about how your actions affect others. Would you want someone behaving this way towards you? If not, be wary of doing it yourself.