Examples of Non-Empathetic Behavior – How To Spot Sociopaths and Narcissists

Here are some specific examples of non-empathetic behavior in every day situations.

It’s important to note that everybody can have a “bad day” and be non-empathetic, so the true test is whether people consistently exhibit these types of behaviors.

  • Being unnecessarily rude/condescending to waitstaff and help
  • Littering
  • Apathy towards social injustices
  • Being hypocritical – For example, being anti-union, except the union you’re in.
  • Getting easily offended, especially by others who didn’t mean to offend
  • Not opening/holding doors open for people behind
  • Only contacting people when they need something
  • Always turning the conversation around to be about themselves
  • Being highly insecure and requiring regular validation