GoldenRule.org is a public service and outreach project of the COGR.  The Church of the Golden Rule is a secular, organization sanctioned under the ULC umbrella.

COGRs mission is to not provide any “world view” that is mutually exclusive of other world views.  Our concepts are compatible with most other life philosophies and religions.   A person can adopt our dogma, and still practice virtually any other life/religious philosophy.  In fact, we like to think of our ideas as a crystallization of the most important tenets found elsewhere.

This web site and the writings therein are an evolutionary work in progress by members of the COGR.  The COGR was formed by &Founder.   The individuals behind COGR are neither secret, nor noteworthy.  We just choose to feature our message first and foremost and do not see a need for personal vanity.

Online, GoldenRule.org has been a repository of ever-evolving ideas and concepts for many years.  Most of these writings and discoveries have been kept among a small group of adherents.  After many years, the development of a cohesive idea around which the concept of the Golden Rule has finally materialized, and in 2018, the web site became fully-activated, to begin sharing some of these concepts in hope of making people *understand*.

We are here to share what we’ve learned.     We are here to continue to learn and change and adapt.   We are here to make ourselves better.   We are here to make our world better.   We believe there is a “plan” that people can follow.  We believe there are ideas that transcend traditional social, political, religious and economic divisions, to provide comfort, safety, joy, relief, purpose and meaning.

We look forward to having you join us on this mission.